Sensible Saving: Financial Tips for Recent Graduates

By Cortney Meng With the end of another school, a new class of college graduates is entering the workforce.  Regardless of where their career paths may take them, they share one constant – they will need to support their chosen lifestyles.  It also means starting to prepare for the future, which is likely to include […]

7 Things to Consider with Home Equity Loans

By Paul Mulligan, Senior Vice President There are many situations homeowners may require an influx of cash. If they’ve built up equity in their homes (if the home is worth more than what they owe on it) a home equity loan may be an attractive option. While a home equity loan may seem like a […]

Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC – Which One is Right for You?

By Paul Mulligan, Senior Vice President One of the benefits of owning a home is the ability to use built up equity to finance other cash needs with a Home Equity Loan or a HELOC. Some of these uses carry more value than others – and some carry more risk.  Because of that, potential borrowers should do […]

How Milford Bank Keeps Customer Deposits Secure

By Jorge Santiago Executive Vice President Every day, millions of people make bank deposits without fear of fraud or identity theft. That’s because banks have worked hard to secure deposits wherever they are made—at an ATM, in a branch, or using a mobile device. The Milford Bank goes above and beyond to ensure that all […]

Annual Milford Moves 5k Offers Healthy Fun While Supporting Local Veterans

By Peter Berube One of the many benefits of community banks is that, thanks to their homegrown roots, they tend to be active in supporting local organizations and programs, extending their reach into their communities beyond simply offering financial services. For years, The Milford Bank has taken an active role in promoting and supporting its […]

Special Notice to Customers

Dear Customers of The Milford Bank: We recognize that many government employees have been financially impacted by the partial government shutdown. In 1872, The Milford Bank was founded for the purpose of serving our communities and that objective has not changed. As your neighbors and friends, we understand the challenges many federal employees are facing, […]

Helping Beat Food Insecurity in Milford

By Celeste Lohrenz Food insecurity is defined by the USDA as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” As amazing as it may seem, nearly 13% of Americans overall – and 17.5% of children – live in households that are considered “food insecure.”  That’s about 13 million children. […]

Safety Tips for Online Banking

By Dave Wall As with most services today, banking has moved into the digital world. Online banking provides an easy way to manage personal finances quickly and conveniently, without the need to worry about mailing checks to pay bills or going to the bank for simple transactions. But, the rise of digital commerce gave rise […]

Why You Should Recycle Your Old Electronics

By Lynn Viesti Berube Over the past decade, we’ve watched the world’s adoption of new technology grow exponentially, to a point where there are more mobile devices than people on the planet. We’re also seeing the rate at which electronics are replaced increase, driven by affordability, shorter lifespans, and a desire to have the very […]

Staying Secure During Summer Vacation Season

By Dave Wall As the school year comes to a close, families will be preparing for their annual summer vacations. Whether they’re heading off to a golf resort, a Caribbean island, a tour of Europe, an amusement park, or anywhere else, they’re all looking forward to some down time away from work and school to […]