Beware of These Hidden Costs When Buying a Home

by JoAnn Sabas Over the past few years, you’ve saved up enough money to make a down payment on a piece of real estate. You’ve prequalified for a mortgage and you’re confident that you can make your monthly payments without any problem—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to buy. When purchasing a home, it […]

Milford, Stratford Residents: Be Wary of Identity Theft this Tax Season

By Pam Reiss There’s nothing easy about doing your taxes. Filling out all those forms and hunting for old receipts is enough to drive anybody crazy. As if you didn’t have enough to concern yourself with during this important time of the year, you can now add another potential peril to the list: tax return […]

Savings Strategies for Milford, Stratford Residents Nearing 30

by Cortney Meng Milford and Stratford residents: do you have a 30th birthday coming up? If so, take a moment to reflect on where you were and what you were doing just 10 years ago. A lot has changed, no? In fact, your twenties can be one of the most transformative decades of your life. By […]

Survey Shows Millennials Prioritizing Coffee Over Retirement

By Matt Kelly Hey Millennials, how do you take your coffee? Do you pick up a simple $1.00 cup from the gas station during your morning commute? Or are you all about splurging on a $5.00 specialty drink at Starbucks to give you an afternoon pick-me-up? Whether you’re adding cream, sugar or a shot of […]

What Milford, Stratford Homeowners Need To Know About Home Equity Loans

by Paul Mulligan Even though it might not always feel like it, your home is likely one of the greatest financial assets at your disposal. Of course there is always going to be something to fix. Making your monthly mortgage payments might cause a little anxiety from time to time. But all the energy and […]

Can Your Business Save with Solar?

by Rebecca Tudor By now, most Americans understand that making eco-conscious decisions in their day to day lives is an important step to ensure a healthy environment for future generations. Many are making the move into eco-friendly vehicles, installing high-efficiency LED light bulbs and grocery shopping in the organic food section. But it isn’t consumers […]

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Finances in 2017

by Lynn Viesti Berube New Year’s Eve is about much more than watching the ball drop in Times Square or popping open a bottle of champagne. It’s about reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future. This time of reflection leads millions of Americans every year to make resolutions about how they can […]

Savings Strategies for Milford and Stratford Young Adults

by Cortney Meng If you just recently turned 18, a world of new possibilities has just opened up to you as a legal adult. You can vote, get a full-time job, rent an apartment, purchase motor vehicles and even real estate. Many of you will soon be paying your way through college as well. The […]

Three Ways to Stop Oil Prices From Burning Your Savings

by Patty Gallagher Just a few weeks ago, unseasonably warm weather and atypically low oil prices had homeowners thinking they might get off the hook with more affordable heating bills this winter. But oil prices are climbing again—just as an Arctic cold front made its way across the country to remind us what a real […]

Five Winter Projects for Under $250

By Lynn Viesti Berube According to the American Research Group, the average person will spend $929 buying gifts for everyone on their holiday shopping list this year. This added expense can make planning your budget during the winter months particularly challenging—especially considering the fact that you’ll incur other unique seasonal expenses as well. In order […]