6 Entertainment Options That Won’t Break Your Budget

By Pam Reiss As the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”  You work hard for your paycheck but, if you’re like many of us, you’re amazed at how little you’re able to save every month.  Especially now, with the rate of inflation as high as it is, and many people still reeling […]

Nine Easy Cost Cutting Strategies to Boost Your Savings Now

Times have been tough for many people over the last few months.  As if the pandemic wasn’t enough of a headache, inflation is causing everyday items – from gas to groceries – to take a bigger chunk out of our weekly and monthly budgets.  Supply chain issues are also adding to the problem, allowing businesses […]

Should you wait to start saving while you’re still paying off your student loan debt?

To pay it off or to save? If you have student loan debt, you’ve probably wondered whether you should finish paying it off before you prioritize putting away money for retirement, building a rainy day fund, and focusing on other financial goals. The answer: both! While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, building savings while you pay […]

Parent PLUS loans: an overview

With the average cost for a year of college in the US up to $35,720, it’s no wonder so many students take out loans. But the average undergraduate borrower receives just $11,836 in student loans each year — a significant gap for most. That’s where Parent PLUS loans come in. The Department of Education allows […]

Student Loan Servicer Changes: What You Need to Know

There’s been a lot of news about student debt lately. And one of the biggest recent developments: the impending changes to federal student loan servicers. Three major federal student loan servicers — FedLoan, Granite State, and Navient — are all in the process of ending their contracts with the Department of Education (DoEd) and transferring […]

Tips for Cutting Costs and Better Saving This Year

By Lynda Mason The dawn of a new year is always exciting.  For one thing, it offers a fresh opportunity to break bad habits and think about new ways to make our own lives better.  Some people decide to eat healthier or visit the gym more often.  Others decide to spend more time with loved […]

Six Tips for Using P2P Payment Apps

By Dave Wall In today’s digital world, most of what we do is somehow attached to our smartphones.  From our communication and social media to shopping and dining, you probably use a mobile app to get things done.  That includes banking.  Most of your banking features are available on right in the palm of your […]

Are You a Renter Looking to Become a Homeowner?

By Paul Mulligan, SVP, Retail Lending Last year, while many businesses and industries suffered, the real estate market in Connecticut had a phenomenal year, with a 17% increase in home purchases.  The 38,641 single-family homes bought was the highest in the state in 15 years.  One factor certainly was the fact that the number of […]

Business Customers – Learn about Clover on October 22nd

Come meet us on Oct. 22 Get up to $750 back when you open a new merchant services account* Power your business possibilities. Explore our wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs of your business so you may finish the year strong. We’re bringing Clover merchant services solutions and expertise to you! Hands-on demos […]

What the Federal Student Loan Payment Freeze Extension Means For You

By Jorge Santiago If you have federal student loans, you probably already know that emergency payment suspension has been extended to January 31, 2022. Between recent student loan servicer shakeups, the Covid-19 surge, and 90 percent of affected borrowers saying they’re not prepared to resume payments, the decision to extend the payment freeze beyond September […]