Special Notice to Customers

Dear Customers of The Milford Bank:

We recognize that many government employees have been financially impacted by the partial government shutdown. In 1872, The Milford Bank was founded for the purpose of serving our communities and that objective has not changed.

As your neighbors and friends, we understand the challenges many federal employees are facing, and we would like to help to relieve some of the burden.

If you are a customer of The Milford Bank and are a government employee enduring financial hardship due to the shutdown, please contact us at (203) 783-5700 or stop by your local office to discuss how we may be of assistance to you.

Said Susan Shields, President and CEO of The Milford Bank, “Helping where we can is just the right thing to do. Over the years, we’ve celebrated many happy occasions with our customers. Good neighbors, like good businesses, should be there to offer support when things are difficult.”

The Milford Bank was founded in 1872 and is a mutual institution with five offices and a loan center located in the city of Milford, an office in Stratford and a Loan Production office in downtown New Haven. The Bank offers a wide variety of banking and financial products and services to businesses, individuals and organizations.