Have you heard of Popmoney?

By Celeste Lohrenz

At The Milford Bank, we understand that your banking needs have evolved in a way that corresponds with our increasingly digital world. And that’s exactly why we’ve added Popmoney to our portfolio of financial services.

Popmoney is a peer-to-peer payment service that lets you send money to your friends and family—or anyone else, for that matter—via email or cell phone no matter where they happen to be located. In an instant, money can be digitally transferred from your bank account to theirs. Once it arrives, it’s theirs to spend.

The feature is standard in all of our checking accounts, so if you have one, you already have this amazing banking capability.

Imagine that your children are off at college. We all know how tight money can get during those days. The last thing you want as a parent is for your kid to need money and for you to be left scratching you head as to how to get it to them quickly. The good ole’ wire transfer won’t cut it, after all. Rather than having to send a check through the mail, Popmoney allows you to simply “send” money through a text message or email from your computer or mobile device, giving your child the money he or she needs the moment it’s needed.

Popmoney can also be used to send gifts to loved ones, issue payment to your landscaper, pay your old college buddy back for dinner or make sure your landlord gets the rent money on time, among a myriad of other things.

The service is easily accessed through our online banking system. What’s more, all of your information will be kept safe, secure and private during each transaction.

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