Go Mobile with The Milford Bank

by Becky Tudor

The Milford Bank recently updated our mobile platform for customers by adding a mobile app for Apple, Android and Amazon tablets. The app is designed to make your banking experience more convenient by enabling you to manage your day-to-day finances from your own smart devices. Best of all, the app is free! (Although cell phone carrier charges may apply.) If you are not already enrolled, you can sign up here.

The app provides five basic services: deposits, balance inquiries, transaction history, bill and person-to-person (P2P) payments and funds transfers. Within Apple and Android devices, the app also provides ATM and office locations.

Customers are now able to access their bank accounts from wherever they are and whenever they want without having to worry about the security of their private information. The application was designed with your privacy in mind, and by making P2P payments you’ll be able to avoid points of sale which have been linked to instances of hacking like those perpetrated on card users at Target locations in 2014.

The mobile deposit feature is extremely convenient. Forget about deposit slips and envelopes –or even bothering to leave your desk. After endorsing your check, simply pick up your tablet, take a photo of the front and back of your check, open your app and use your photo to make an immediate deposit.

Plus, now you can check your deposits on the fly to confirm the time and date when the funds are made available in your account. While you’re in the app, feel free to check your balances and any other transactions that have occurred. All your accounts are visible through the app.

Fund transfers are easy too. You simply click on the “transfers” tab, and it opens the screen to a page that is designed for easy navigation and convenience. After choosing the accounts you want to transfer money to and from and the amount you would like to transfer, click the “transfer now” button, and your funds are on their way.

Another benefit is that you can pay your bills directly from the app. Once you’ve set up online automatic or one-time payments online, you can alter the amount of the payment(s) or cancel them altogether hassle-free and on the move. These electronic payments will allow for timely bill payments without the cost of stamps or physical handling.

Finally, the P2P feature can save you the hassle of writing a check to a friend or family member and then wondering when the person will deposit the check. A notification is sent to the recipient of the check, and then the recipient accepts the notification. This allows for information about your accounts to be up-to-date and accurate.

We understand that our customers today are constantly on the move and need the convenience of bringing us with them wherever that may be. The new features of our mobile app are designed to do just that. If you’d like more information on using the Milford Bank mobile app, visit our website here or stop in at any of our branch locations to speak with a representative today.