Survey Shows More Customers Opting to Bank at Branches and on Mobile Devices in 2014

by Celeste Lohrenz

How do you prefer to do your banking?

According to a recent survey by the American Bankers Association, most Americans (31 percent) prefer to do their banking online. Surprisingly, that represents an 8 percent decrease from 2013. Additionally, this year, more customers prefer doing their banking at a branch (21 percent) than they did last year (18 percent). Other banking preferences include:

  • ATMs – 14 percent (up from 11 percent)
  • Mobile – 10 percent (up from 8 percent)
  • Telephone – 7 percent (no change)
  • Mail – 6 percent (down from 7 percent)

We love it when our customers come in to one of our branches to say hello or conduct their banking business. Our staff is always excited to see friendly faces, engage in good conversation and help answer any questions our customers might have. As such, it’s encouraging to see that more people prefer to do their banking at brick-and-mortar locations this year than they did last year.

But we also understand that in today’s digital world, not everyone has time to drive to the bank for routine financial transactions. While it’s likely you’ve conducted some of your banking business online before, have you ever given mobile banking a try?

At The Milford Bank, we are proud to offer mobile banking options. With our mobile deposit tool, you are able to deposit money into your savings account, for example, no matter where you happen to be—so long as you have a mobile device handy. You can read more about our mobile deposit program here.

In addition to that, we’re pleased to offer Popmoney, a peer-to-peer payment service that lets you send money to friends, family and whoever else from your mobile device. This is perfect for sending your kids money at college or paying your brother back the couple hundred bucks you owe him. Interested in learning more about Popmoney? Stop by or call us. We’re here to help you find the financial services that work best for your needs.

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