Take Time to Give Back This Holiday Season

by Jorge Santiago

Entering the home stretch of 2016, there are plenty of highlights coming up on the calendar: Thanksgiving, New Years and everything in between. The holidays can be full of excitement as you gather with friends and family to give thanks for the wonderful things in your life. With all the planning that goes into the holidays, they can admittedly be a little stressful too. With everything that you and your family have going on over the last few months of 2016, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the fact that many families in the local community are not as fortunate to be in a position to celebrate this year.

One of the most important things to remember during the holidays is that it is a blessing to have everything you need to enjoy a high quality of life. And it is equally important to lend a helping hand to those who do not whenever you can.

Here are just a few ways you can help contribute to the members of the local community that could use extra support this holiday season.

Feed the hungry: Some of the most unforgettable holiday memories are created around the dinner table. For families that struggle to put food on the table, local food banks provide significant relief. While non-perishables are always appreciated, you can also check with representatives at your local food bank to see which items are in high demand. If you have some spare time, you should even consider assisting food banks when they open their doors to serve families—volunteers are always needed. Check out a list of local food banks here.

Help fight homelessness: Given the chilly weather that sweeps in around the holidays, this time of year is particularly difficult for individuals with no roof over their heads. You don’t need to take out a mortgage to lend a hand—donate to local shelters like Milford’s Beth-El Center. The Beth-El Center does more than give a place to eat and sleep. It also offers support services, advocacy and community education. By partnering with organizations like the Beth-El Center, you can not only help the homeless members of the local community meet their basic needs, but provide a comprehensive strategy to reach a long-term and lasting quality of life.

Play Santa Claus: There’s nothing quite like the face of a child when he or she awakes Christmas morning to and sees what Santa Claus has left under the tree. But for many families struggling to make ends meet, toys are a luxury that is out of reach. In order to make sure the holidays are full of excitement for all children in the local community—regardless of which one they celebrate—donate to a toy drive this year. You can purchase a toy for any age group, boy or girl. Even if you can’t purchase a brand new toy, you can still contribute—simply select a few items from home that your own kids no longer play with. Click here to find a toy drive near you.

The Milford Bank will also be participating in and sponsoring a number of charitable events this holiday season, and throughout the entire year. Be sure to stop by any office location, read our blog and follow us on social media for more news!