Three Ways to Save Energy This Fall

by Lynn Viesti Berube

With Labor Day in the rear view mirror, we’re now into fall and, with it, colder weather. After the winter Connecticut experienced in 2014, it’s safe to say that we’re all holding tightly to these last few days of warm weather. While you may not have turned on the furnace just yet, you might want to plan for the colder months sooner rather than later when it comes to financing your warm home.

To help you cut heating costs this fall and winter, here are three ways to conserve energy:

• Eliminate the cracks: You may not pay them much attention, but those tiny cracks below your door and around your windows are sucking the money right out of your home. These cracks allow conditioned air within your home to escape and cold air to seep in. By investing in inexpensive draft stoppers and by shrink-wrapping your windows, you can keep the warm air in, the cold air out and save big on your monthly energy bill.

• Optimize your heating system: One major way we waste energy and run up electric bills during the colder months is by overworking inefficient heating systems. Instead, optimize your heating system with a few at-home solutions that shouldn’t break the bank. First, consider placing area rugs in high-occupancy rooms (such as your family room) where you may otherwise have bare floors. Doing so will help retain heat and keep your feet feeling cozy. Second, change the filters in your heating system on a monthly basis to ensure you’re not forcing your system to work harder than it needs to. Finally, make sure heating vents aren’t being blocked by furniture—it may keep the couch nice and warm, but the furniture will draw the heat out of the air and keep the temperature in the room down.

• Opt for electronics with batteries: It’s no secret that during the colder months many of us prefer to wrap ourselves in a warm blanket and watch Netflix, rather than bundle up and brave the elements. However, the extra time we spend in our homes can have a major effect on our electric bills, based on our increased use of electronics alone. Instead of turning on the TV, or heading to your desktop computer this season, opt for electronics with batteries, such as laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. These devices often cost less to charge and, as long as you unplug the charger after you’re all juiced up, will save you big bucks over the course of the next few months.

As the holidays approach, don’t let good tidings be overcome by high electricity bills! These three steps will help you save on your monthly bill while staying warm. And, if you ever have a question of what to do with your new-found savings, consider a Milford Bank savings account!

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